Reactive Oxygen Species Assay Kit

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Reactive Oxygen Species Assay Kit

Cat NO: PS0033
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Reactive Oxygen Species Assay Kit(ROS Assay Kit)  is for the detection of reactive oxygen using the fluorescent probe DCFH-DA. DCFH-DA do not have fluorescent, free to cross the cell membrane, after into the cell, can be  hydrolysis by esterase into DCFH. DCFH does not permeabilize the cell membrane so that the probe can be easily loaded into the cell. Reactive oxygen in cells can oxidize non-fluorescent DCFH to fluorescent DCF. The level of reactive oxygen species in the cell can be known by fluorescence detection of DCF.
This kit provides Rosup, an active oxygen-positive control reagent for the detection of reactive oxygen. Rosup is a compound mixture at a concentration of 50mg / ml.
This kit is  high sensitivity, wide linear range, easy to use, can measure test 100-500 samples.

packing list

S0033-1 DCFH-DA(10mM) 0.1ml
S0033-2 (Rosup, 50mg/ml) 1ml
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